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Why Us

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We manage our own platform to conduct more than 100 online researches. We are the leading player in online market research in ASEAN countries.

Asia Plus

Full support

Our professional market researchers takes care of your request in a professional manner from design questionnaire, localizatoin to the reporting.

Asia Plus

Quality assurance

With the massive experiences in on line market research, we have the dedicated team to conduct the quality assurance to provide the valid data in the complicated ASEAN market.

Our services

Asia Plus

Retail audit

We visit the main stores on behalf to check the store share and pricing. We also could conduct the quick interviews to hear the voice of ASEAN customers.

Asia Plus

Expert interview

We contact the industry experts from each country to hear such information as market trend, major competitors, opportunities / risks to help you understand the market status.

Asia Plus

Offline market research

We conduct the face-face interview with your target audience with the use of our field work team distributed in major ASEAN countries

Use Case

ASEAN Market Research Use Case by Asia Plus

We have a numerious experiences of supporting brands and enterprises to understand ASEAN market

Asia Plus

Home Appliance

  • Research objective: Brand health check, consumer lifestyle and customer purchase journey
  • Country: Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia
  • Project duration: 1 month
Asia Plus

Food & Beverage

  • Research objective: Instant noodle demand findings in East Asia to find out eating behaviors, image differences, brand awareness etc.
  • Country: Korea, Taiwan and China
  • Project duration: 2 weeks
Asia Plus

Personal Care

  • Research objective: Brand health check and consumer trend understanding
  • Country: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines
  • Project duration: 1 month
Asia Plus

Digital Marketing

  • Research objective: Market analysis of digital advertisement, including trend, size estimation and opportunities / risks
  • Country: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam
  • Project duration: 1.5 month