Asia Plus Provides the Best Solutions for Running a Successful Business in Vietnam.


Asia Plus Inc. is the team of the specialists about Vietnam Market. With the second-to-none online Market research platform and it enhanced services including promotion planning, consulting, and field work. We are here to help your Vietnam business into success.



“Q&Me” is the online market research services available in Vietnam. With the utilisation of smartphone, we provide the market research services with 10x speed and 1/3 of the cost. Our service add you greatest “hints” to shappen up your marketing planning.


The tool helps you enhance the communication between HQ and field (sales, promoters) with the use of smartphones. You could collect the information such as sales or store-front photo with ease, while providing several routine tasks.

Marketing consultation services

Not only we are the best service provider knowing Vietnamese consumers, we know how to reach them. We provide the marketing promotion, influencer marketing consultation, system development and the related field work in order to your marketing strategy effective in Vietnam.

Asia Plus

Marketing promotion

Plan and execute the online marketing campaign to enhance your brand and increase your sales with best ROI.

Asia Plus

Marketing consultation

Provide the marketing strategy and execution plan for success in Vietnam based on the consultation with the management.

Asia Plus

Influencer Marketing

Pick up the influencers in Vietnam to provoke word of mouth.

Asia Plus

System development

Develop the sites / application to accelerate your campaign.

Why Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the countries where many believe the big growth in mid-term. With over 90 million population and the average age of 28 years old, Vietnam has the energy and resources to grow. The business opportunity is open for you.

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Asia Plus



We are the partner of top-notch companies who look for the success in Vietnam.


Asia Plus Inc. is based in Tokyo, Japan with its first Asian office located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Our dedicated company is made up of creative and energetic Japanese and Vietnamese individuals working together on one team, providing innovative business communications and marketing solutions online. At Asia Plus Inc. we believe that our services help build successful business in Asia.

Asia Plus Inc.

CEO Kengo Kurokawa

Singapore Office: 7 Kaki Bukit Crescent Fullion Building, Singapore 416239

Japan Office: 4-4-1 Tamagawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo, Japan 154-0004 (Headquarter)

Vietnam Office: Floor 2, Songdo Tower, 62A Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Ward 6, District 3, HCM City, Vietnam

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